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GC Autos LTD – DPF Cleaning in Gateshead

High-quality DPF cleaning near you!

Here at GC Autos LTD, we’re able to offer some of the best DPF cleaning near you. Nothing is too much trouble for our friendly, highly experienced mechanics and our smooth service is designed to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. You’re always our number one priority so, if you need local collection and delivery of your vehicle or our customer drop off service, just let us know when you book your appointment! We’re proud to offer one of the best experiences for DPF cleaning near you, here at GC Autos Ltd.

What is DPF cleaning?

This service is only applicable to diesel vehicles as the part in question catches the excess soot produced by diesel engines to reduce their emissions and impact on the environment. However, if you don’t drive faster than 40 miles an hour often enough, this soot builds up and isn’t burned away through a process called regeneration. That’s where DPF cleaning comes in! Here at our garage in Gateshead, we’ll thoroughly flush and clean your DPF system to remove the clogging soot and leave it running better than before!

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When to book your appointment near you

If your DPF cleaning light switches on, it means that too much soot has built up in the system. If you can’t drive your car for a short burst above 40 miles an hour, such as on a motorway, the light could turn red. At that point, you should pull over and get your car into a garage as quickly and safely as possible. It’s best to avoid this situation as the repair bill can become very expensive, so book a DPF cleaning appointment with GC Autos before it’s too late! If you can’t force your DPF to regenerate within a couple of days of the light coming on, then its time to book a garage appointment.

Easy enquiry system for your DPF cleaning appointment in Gateshead

Don’t waste time filling in lots of details to get nowhere – enquire with GC Autos in just a few seconds! All you need to enter is your registration number and a few details about yourself and your DPF cleaning requirements for us to give you a free call back. If we can help, which we usually can, we’ll confirm an appointment with you and iron out all the details. What’s more, you don’t pay for your appointment until after all the work has been completed.

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