Electrical fault finding and diagnostic tests in Gateshead

At GC Autos, we’ve invested in the latest technology in diagnostic testing and fault code finding in the motor industry. This enables us to help find the causes behind any warning lights on your dashboard, or problems within your engine bay.

Engine diagnostics

If you’ve got warning lights such as the engine light, oil light or battery light displaying on your dashboard, it’s important that you bring your car to a local garage as soon as possible. A simple engine diagnostic test can help to find the root of any problems before any major damage is caused.

Most vehicles have an Engine Control Unit (ECU) which is a computer that monitors the performance of the vehicle including temperature changes and fluid levels. If an issue is detected, that’s when a warning light displays itself on the dashboard.

Each make and model of car and van have hundreds of their own unique codes, which can help to identify where the problem is coming from within the vehicle. The warning light can indicate roughly which area that the problem is coming from, but the diagnostic test will specify the exact location and what is needed in order to fix it.

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The diagnostic equipment reads the error codes generated, which helps our mechanics at GC Autos repair what needs to be repaired. The diagnostic test will check your tyres, engine management, emissions, electrical wiring, comfort controls and lights.

Technology ensures that we provide accurate repairs as fast as possible, which saves both time and money. Book online for an engine diagnostic test with GC Autos and we can help you find the solutions to any errors in your car’s computer.

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With GC Autos, you can book online for your engine diagnostic tests, as well as MOTs and servicing. Our online booking tool is available 24 hours a day for customers to book their vehicle services. By entering in your registration, you’ll have access to our prices and a selection of our services. If you’re not sure what’s wrong with your vehicle, a vehicle health check or engine diagnostic test might help to find out the problem. If you need any additional repairs, we’ll contact you and let you know our recommendations and the price. Book online today!

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