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New brake pads and exhausts in supply at our Gateshead garage

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Brake pad replacements and repairs

If you think your brakes are in need of repairs, at GC Auto’s our team will make sure that we check each component first. We’ll examine brake pads, brake discs, callipers and the tyre itself to make sure that we’re replacing or repairing the right part. Our brake pad replacements are simple and quick to fix. Our team’s experience is second to none, which means brake pad replacements and repairs are efficient and accurate. We won’t replace them if it’s not needed! Similarly, if an alternative component needs replacing or other brake repairs are needed, we’ll contact you with the result after the initial check so you’re in the know every step of the way.

We can supply a number of different parts for your brakes so that if you find you need some repairs quickly, we can get you back on the road as soon as we can. At GC Autos, we aim to repair our customers’ cars the same day, if we can!

If you’re noticing issues with your brakes such as squealing noises, vibrations, juddering or pulling to one side, it might mean that you need brake repairs. Book online with GC Autos, or contact us regarding your problem and we’ll do our best to help. We provide brake repairs for a number of different makes and models, so you can be assured that we have the experience and expertise to help you too!

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Exhaust repairs

Often exhausts can be subject to daily wear and tear, and condensation on short journey’s which can cause rust and corrosion on the exhaust box. Black or blue smoke coming from your exhaust can be a strong indication there is something wrong. Your exhaust is linked to major components within your vehicle system such as the engine and the oil, and an abnormality within the exhaust system, can indicate that repairs are needed elsewhere.

We supply a wide range of exhausts that we can fit at our garage workshop in Gateshead, but before we replace any components, we’ll do a thorough check of the vehicle to make sure we’re fixing the problem and not just changing parts for the sake of it. We’ll examine your car after speaking to you about the systems, and diagnose the problem, contacting you on the repairs that are needed. Prices are given upfront, and we’ll do the work only after we receive your full approval.

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